Registration Rules

Political Science and International Relations Department

Graduate Program Registration Rules

1) All MA students in their 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th semesters must sign up for Pols 690, irrespective of whether they have or haven't completed their coursework. If not, your registration will not count. Therefore, if you have not done so already, send me a consent request for Pols 690, sign up for that course and send me a program for approval.

2) All MA students who are in their 3rd semester, irrespective of whether they have or have not completed their coursework, should fill out a form provided by the SBE to specify their tentative MA thesis title and name of advisor. You must hand in this form to the SBE on Oct. 6. So please contact the relevant professors as soon as possible in order to select your advisor.

3) The SBE form has nothing to do with the proposal writing process. We will organize a meeting among all MA students to talk about the new department regulations concerning thesis writing.

4) Specialization electives can be chosen from among the following: all 500-600 level Pols courses and all 500-600 level courses from the ATA, Phil, Soc, Econ, Hist departments. You may need consents for most (or all) of these. So contact the relevant professors by mail or in person or send a consent request. Language courses do not count as specialization electives.

5) Some 400 level Pols courses may also be taken as specialization electives, provided that you haven't taken them when you were an undergraduate. You must contact the relevant professor in person to ask for consent. Be aware that as a graduate student, the evaluation criteria for your performance in these courses may be different than those set for undergraduate students.

6) MA students who are in their 1st semester are advised not to postpone their must courses. If, for various reasons, you do have to, then be aware that the course work for remaining required course must be completed as you are writing your proposal and designing your research in your 3rd semester. This means a lot of work!

7) You may take a 9th course if you wish (a language course, or something you have always dreamed of learning), but be aware that this also means extra work.